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MapleStory M is a new mobile version of MapleStory which was once hugely popular on PC. Most of you guys may have played it once on your youth especially if you're from the 90's. Personally, the combo of grinding at Sky Terrace 2 and selling items at the Trade Station would be the most lucrative up to now. There are of course other ways to make mesos, but you may get banned for it (such as creating many alts to transfer mesos to your primary ).

Mesos is your in-game money of MapleStory and even in this mobile game, it is incredibly important. You need mesos for lots of things, such as buying potions, enhancing and leveling weapons or anything that has to do with forging, or perhaps buying good equipment and cash items in the Trade Station. Yes, some money items can be sold in the Trade Station.


Here is a short guide on how to earn or farm mesos quickly in MapleStory M. These tips may already be familiar to the veterans, but if not, I hope it helps. Farm mesos at Sky Terrace two


This seems to be the no.1 place at the moment. Sky Terrace 2 is full of Toy Trojans that are level 150, and are clearly meant for higher level players. Having said that, they aren't difficult to kill, so you'll find plenty of level 90 and over farming mesos there.


You can access it by visiting the Star Force Field (110) which is the toughest star force field at this time. As soon as you've reached that area, enter the portal site on your right. You may reach Sky Terrace 2.


If you play solo, you should get about 200 mesos per kill. It decreases in a celebration depending on how many members there are.


These Toy Trojans also give an average EXP of around 1,400 that is good enough considering your aim is to earn more mesos.


If you're a free-to-play (F2P) participant in MapleStory, this map is probably the best right now. You can also take a look at the neighboring channels such as Cloud Terrace. The mobs also drops good amounts of mesos.


Apart from these places, mini dungeons also give comparatively superior quantities of mesos and you can make quite a bit in a short time. That said, entrance is limited to tickets and the mobs don't give decent EXP.


Sell items in the Trade Station

You may sell all types of equipment and consumables from the Trade Station. Even some money items could be sold to other players (e.g. Muse Concert and Mounts).


If you have an equipment with perfect stats, you can sell it for a much higher price in comparison to those with regular stats. For e.g. I purchased an epic claw for more than 4 million mesos and it is just like 100k for regular epic claws.


If you have an emblem gear, you can probably sell it for over 100 million. They are pretty rare right now and you can get it either by buying the treasure box that needs cash, or fusing two of the same equipment with maximum levels.


Additionally, if you wish to have more slots to sell items, it requires money as well, i.e. 70 diamonds each additional slot. Buy Cash items and sell them (for P2P players)

Following the previous point, you can purchase money items and sell them on the Trade Station. Needless to say, this will not apply to F2P players.


At the time of writing, a few of the items are pretty hot, such as the Muse collection that's obtainable by purchasing the Royal Style coupon. Do be warned that you have a good chance of getting just normal cash items even when you buy the Royal Style coupon. It depends on your luck.


Each bit of this Muse set can probably be sold for around 10 million mesos or more. Of course, you can purchase the 10 + 1 treasure box which guarantees a unique equipment.


They recently released a random harm skin box also, which gives you a fancy damage skin. Those are sold over 10 million mesos from the Trade Station. The prices vary according to different worlds.

If you're willing to spend real money on this game, then it's pretty easy to earn mesos. That goes without saying.

Sell off your useless items using the stock


For items which are useless, particularly those with normal rarity, you can just dispose off them using the"sell" button in the inventory.


You should get about 800 mesos per equipment. It's not much at all, but it's better than trying to sell them on the Trade Station since people are unlikely to buy.


Do away with them by selling or maybe by extracting in the event you don't need the mesos. Discarding them is a waste.

Gather epic equipment from Elite Dungeons and offer them for mesos

Next, you may also gain epic equipment if you complete the Elite Dungeon.


You get three free tickets to the Elite Dungeon every day and another ticket if you complete all three. Keep doing to get at least 4 distinct epic equipment a day.


If you manage to have a perfect stats gear, you can sell it for plenty of mesos from the Trade Station.


With that said, most people would definitely finish their quests up mainly for the EXP and refining powders, especially at levels 100 and over.



In a nutshell


Earning mesos in MapleStory M is simple if you're a p2p participant. It's definitely a much longer journey for people who don't wish to spend on this game, but it's still possible to farm for mesos, especially at high level locations.

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