Before there was Fortnite: Battle Royale, Epic Games started paid Historical Access for its forthcoming free-to-play mode Fortnite: Save the World. Save the World differs from Battle Royale significantly, with the biggest change being its player-vs-enemy setup, where players defend their forts against zombie-like Husks in an apocalyptic world ravaged by the Storm.
To upgrade your hero and gain access to new perks and abilities you will need to level them up. As opposed to gaining XP through kills and goals akin to normal RPGs, you instead get hero XP chips in loot boxes. These provide you with a pool of resources to invest on any hero you fancy. This allows you to update a hero you've yet to use with the XP you've acquired with a more experienced character.
You don't lock yourself into a hero in Fortnite; you can swap between any you have before a match begins, so consider what you need to achieve on a game-by-game basis. Running short on supplies? Hoping to build and epic castle? Proceed with a Constructor.
There are a lot of heroes in this game, Every player has their own play-style so that it doesn't really matter which hero you are player, provided that you help your team out with the game it should not really matter. For example a constructors main work in a mission it to develop and fortify the foundation with the B.A.S.E ability.
Save the World could be rather complicated for novices, particularly because it features an RPG-like ability system and loot box hero unlocks. Save the World also features a somewhat complicated meta based around hero classes and the top tiers found between each sub category. While you're still learning the ropes, here is every hero course available in the game--and a quick guide to some of the best sub classes in Fortnite.
A personality can initially be levelled up to level ten. To progress further you will want to evolve your hero, with a mix of rare items, XP, and a training manual. These elusive manuals are time consuming to get as they need a hero to be retired. While, overall, every hero course is really good at whatever you need to do in Fortnite, every one has a particular set of skills you may discover makes playing them more enjoyable if you make use of them. They find treasure chests easier than other classes, and the quality of loot inside will be better.
Soldiers are focused on multi-purpose damage dealing, with bullets that debuff enemies, and the ability to throw grenades and put mines.
Ninjas are the quickest, most nimble characters, and are well suited to melee combat thanks to their sword combo perks.
There is more to personalities than simply picking one to play. Heroes are found in llama pinatas (Fornite's cute answer to this loot box), and arrive in the classic rarity tiers of uncommon, rare, epic, and mythic, like weapons do. Better graded heroes begin with higher stats and can learn additional abilities beyond those of their lower-ranked alternatives.
To explain, upon hitting the level cap and maxing out your hero's potential, you can'retire' them. This is, essentially, exchanging your heroes for particular items, including a training manual. You'll lose that hero forever, though, so make sure it's the right decision before you send them out to pasture.
Constructors can construct structures faster and more cheaply than other classes, and are able to shrug off more damage due to a larger health pool.

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